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Chicago Firm Closes $310 Million Opportunity Zone Fund, Plans Another Amid Economic Challenges

In the midst of prevailing market circumstances, investment capital continues to flow into Opportunity Zone ventures. A prime example of this trend is the Chicago-based Origin Investments, which recently managed to successfully close a substantial $310 million fund. This impressive achievement showcases the sustained interest in and support for Opportunity Zone investments, even amidst challenging […]

What are the benefits of owning a property in an Opportunity Zone?

There are many reasons why investing in Opportunity Zones is beneficial.  Here are my Top 5: 1. Tax Benefits: Investors can defer and potentially reduce their capital gains taxes if they reinvest their gains into an Opportunity Zone. 2. Long–term Appreciation: Investors can benefit from the potential long–term appreciation of their properties due to the […]

Quick tips on buying investment properties in Chicago through the Opportunity Zone program:

When advising my clients looking to purchase properties in Opportunity Zones I recommend considering the following items: Know the Opportunity Zones – Make sure you understand the different types of Opportunity Zones in the Chicago area, and which ones provide the best investment opportunities. Research the area – Research the area you are looking to […]

Proposed Legislation to Extend and Improve Opportunity Zones

Bipartisan legislation was introduced to both the Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives last week that would improve Opportunity Zones and push back the tax incentive’s deferral date from 2026 to 2028. The legislation, known as the Opportunity Zones Improvement, Transparency, and Extension Act,  would implement the following changes:   Extending the lifespan of the […]

Single Family Homes in Chicago Opportunity Zone
OZs Produced an Extra 2.2% Per Year in Neighborhood Home Price Appreciation

Opportunity Zones prove to have a meaningful economic impact on single-family home prices as well as commercial property prices.  The article below from outlines the impact. Three years ago, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 created a provision, known as qualified opportunity zones, to rejuvenate economically distressed communities across the US and […]

IRS Will Not Change OZ Boundaries

OZ investors no longer need to be concerned about a possible change in zone boundaries after the 2020 census. The Internal Revenue Service has issued a statement that says opportunity zone boundaries as they were established by the 2017 tax cut law will not be changed by any finding of the 2020 census. In the […]

OZ Roadmap – Navigating the New Lines of the 2020 Census Tracts

Since the new 2020 census tracts were released, OZ investors have wondered if they will affect current and future OZ boundaries.  The short answer is – we don’t know yet.  For more information on what to expect and when we can expect clarification please see the article below from OZ Roadmap – Navigating the […]

Benefits of Multifamily Investments in Qualified Opportunity Zones

The substantial tax advantages provided by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) will likely lead to a significant influx of capital to multifamily investments in Opportunity Zones. In addition to traditional equity and large institutional investors, Opportunity Zones have opened the door to a whole different group of investors. With this new program, small […]

A New Beginning for Chicago’s Michael Reese Hospital

The former Michael Reese Hospital site is one of the high-profile, closely watched Opportunity Zone sites in Chicago.  A new joint venture has been formed to develop the Chicago ARC Innovation Center at the location.  Please see the article below for more details. Read more:  A New Beginning for Chicago’s Michael Reese Hospital

2021 OZ Deadline Extensions

The IRS recently issued Notice 2021-10, which automatically extends several deadlines that had previously been extended under Notice 2020-39 issued on June 4, 2020 and Notice 2020-23 issued on April 9, 2020. Perhaps most notably, the new notice extends the 180-day investment period for many investors to March 31, 2021. Last year’s Notice 2020-39 had granted an extension to December […]

What Does the 2020 Election Result Mean for Opportunity Zones?

Whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden wins the presidential election this week, commercial real estate can expect the opportunity zone program will remain intact but receive some tweaks. That will likely include some reforms and new reporting requirements no matter what, but which man holds the office could determine if the program grows or shrinks […]

The Role of Family Offices in Opportunity Zone Investment

Launched more than a year ago as part of US President Donald Trump’s tax changes, Qualified Opportunity Zones have already caused plenty of discussion among wealth managers. To some degree, they dovetail with the trend of “impact investing” by targeting disadvantaged communities. These are designed to put money and resources into poorer parts of the […]

Qualified Opportunity Zones vs 1031 Exchanges

As people learn more about Opportunity Zones, I continue to get more and more questions about the differences between a 1031 exchange and a Qualified Opportunity Fund (“QOF”) investment. When you should you choose a 1031 and when should invest in an Opportunity Zone? To figure out which might be the best option for your […]

West Side Opportunity Zone Meeting

Last Friday I was honored to be included in the West Side Opportunity Zone Meeting hosted by the City Clerk of Chicago, Anna Valencia. The event not only generated support from several local interest groups, but also featured presentations by Alderman Michael Scott, Cook County Commissioner Dennis Deer and Illinois Medical District CEO, Dr. Suzet […]

Highlights of the Final Opportunity Zone Regulations

IRS Finalizes OZ Regulations The much-anticipated finalization of the rules governing Qualified Opportunity Zone investing have received official approval. The consensus is that they provide the necessary clarifications for investors to confidently move forward. The proposed regulations include several general clarifications including: what types of property qualify as Qualified Opportunity Zone Business Property, guidance on […]

IRS Finalizes OZ Regulations

The long-awaited finalization of the rules governing opportunity zone investing are finally ready — but there’s one final step. On Friday, December 6th, the IRS and Treasury Department submitted their final set of regulations to the Office of Management and Budget, which will now review them before they can be released to the public. The […]

Looming Opportunity Zone Deadline

December 31, 2019 marks an important deadline for opportunity zone investors: this is the last day on which they can make an investment in a qualified opportunity fund and get the full benefit of the program. Created as a vehicle in which investment flows to opportunity zones to reap the highest possible tax benefit on […]

Connect Opportunity Zone Summit

The Connect Opportunity Zone Summit took place in New York on October 23rd. The issues of purposeful, impact investment was a big topic as the long-term hold of these investments makes working with the communities imperative. The experts not only discussed what is currently happening with QOZ but also re-examined what the goals of the […]

Ben Carson Announces New Program with Section 220 Mortgage Insurance

On August 9, 2019 the Opportunity Zone Expo came to New York with Ben Carson, the Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and Scott Turner, Executive Director of the White House Opportunity & Revitalization Council, as keynote speakers and a myriad of educational panels, moderated by industry experts. The Opportunity Zone Expo […]

Statement from SEC Chairman, Jay Clayton, on Opportunity Zones

The SEC Chairman Jay Clayton recently issued a statement about working to simplify the path for certain Opportunity Zone investments by Main Street Investors. Although the statement doesn’t provide many details, it’s promising to see support of this concept. Keep checking back here for updates as I’ll continue to track the progress of this update. […]

Opportunity Zones By The Numbers


The total number of census tracts certified as Opportunity Zones by the U.S. Treasury.


Potential unrealized capital gains eligible for Qualified Opportunity Fund investment and tax treatment.


Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s estimate of private capital that will flow into Opportunity Zones.